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Video: Operate Your Own Reactor: a VR training for the chemical industry

Early Stage Researcher (ESR): Yusra Tehreem

Title: Operate Your Own Reactor… While Seated!

Early Stage Researcher (ESR): Sílvia Fornós

Title: Game Design for Engineering Education

Early Stage Researcher (ESR): Jessica Dominguez Alfaro

Title: AR Laboratory Prototype for Chemical Engineering Education

Video: Immersive learning in Chemical Engineering. A CHARMING future.

Video: Réalité virtuelle pour la formation en sécurité dans les laboratoires de chimie

Can science & technology education be revolutionised with immersive technologies?

by Professor Tom Van Gerven | Immersive Chemistry Podcast #1


A full afternoon of talks and a try-out session of virtual reality (VR) , augmented reality (AR) and games to support chemistry and chemical engineering education!

VR LaboSafe Game is a serious game that utilises immersive virtual reality to train the safety awareness and safety behaviour in chemical laboratories. In this game, laboratory workers learn to accurately identify risks, minimise these risks and perform experiments safely. Unsafe behaviour and unresolved risks result in simulated consequences that trainees experience without real harm to themselves or others. Try it out yourself! There is a demo version available for the Oculus Quest 2 on this GitHub repository: https://github.com/PhilippeChan/VRLab…

ESERA 2021 Fostering scientific citizenship in an uncertain world – Virtual conference, organised by University of Minho, Braga, Portugal – Michael Dumin – ESR1