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SoApp Making is a conceptual AR application to demonstrate a practice on the development of educational applications for chemical engineering with computer graphics, engineering modeling & design tools.
The app provides a facile and agile methodology for low-cost hardware but content-wise rich AR software development. A case study is developed to teach chemical engineering concepts using a liquid-soap synthesis process.
From this version you can learn how to integrate digital assets in the Unity game engine through the following scenes:
• Basic soap and raw materials
• Stoichiometry and molecular visualization
• Scale-up mixing with computational fluid dynamics
• Operation of a continuous stirred-tank reactor with a process simulator
The app fundamentally serves as an example of the power of translating and integrating AR/VR with traditional engineering simulations for educational purposes. A complete project of the Unity game engine editor can be found at https://github.com/alfajess92/SoapMakingProject.
The app is developed by early-stage researchers of CHARMING European Training Network.
The AR marker can be found in the following link: https://ibb.co/N6yBJTv


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Science On TV” is an AR app developed in Unity to show short educational videos of scientific concepts. In this first version “Science On TV” allows some chemistry by learning the general process of titration, just click the different channels! From this version you can learn: • What is a titration • What are the basic materials needed to perform a titration • What are the different steps for a titration of a weak acid and a strong base Have fun watching this TV!


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Explore CFD simulation with a marker-based augmented reality application! MIMIX is an augmented reality (AR) application to visualize multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation results in a real environment. The fundamental aim of MIMIX is to experience the utilization of multiphysics CFD simulations in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Markers are attached to the photos of the application. MMIX: Mimicking the nature of mixing via AR-based CFD The initial version mainly provides information about two case studies simulated with OpenFOAM. Case study #1: Visualization of transient mixing in a stirred tank reactor Case study #2: Visualization of laminar airflow around a solid object Both steady-state and transient CFD simulation results are available in the AR application. Virtual buttons are set to replay the transient mixing process in the vessel. Further enhancements are yet to be implemented in the near future. Another case study carried out previously can be found at https://charming-etn.eu/2019/09/10/from-a-wise-man-to-augmented-reality/.

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