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CHARMING Science Slam Champion!

Sofia Garcia Fracaro has won first place in the Science Slam “Engineering the future” competition at the European Congress of Chemical Engineering!

With her 6 minutes online presentation, Sofia has shared her research in the CHARMING Project, in a non-conventional way! Laughter, jokes and funny pictures were key elements of her Science Slam, which received 56% of the votes of the audience.  
But what is a "Science Slam"???
Invented in Germany in 2006, a Science Slam is a "science communication format in which young scientists explain their research projects in short talks" [scienceslam.de] BUT the goal is to create presentations that are easy to follow and understandable for the general audience, and most importantly entertaining and engaging!  
This goal was particularly hard in this online version of the competition. But with a little bit of creativity, Sofia made it work! 
What is your favourite part? 

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