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BUNNO’S Fabulous Soap Making Challenge

The Charming project presents the “Fabulous Soap Making Challenge”, a game developed by a team from the members of the project. The game is produced as an example of immersive learning tools in chemistry and chemical engineering education. The game ...

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Virtual garage

“Virtual Garage” is an educational virtual reality (VR) application which is originated from a task centered learning model. The VR experienced is built towards a real-life holistic engineering role-playing to solve engineering problems with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data. Students ...

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VR LaboSafe Game utilises Virtual Reality (VR) technology and serious game design to train the safety awareness and safety behaviour of laboratory workers. By using a VR head-mounted display, the trainees are fully immersed in a virtual laboratory performing realistic tasks ...

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MAR Lab app is another example of how the Charming project is using immersive technologies to transform how chemistry and chemical engineering is taught in higher education. By using the affordances of mobile augmented reality, the MAR lab app aims ...

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