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Operate your own reactor – OYOR

        ‘Operate your own reactor – OYOR’ is another prototype by CHARMING. This time, for the immersive training of chemical operators. It is a headset based Virtual Reality (VR) experience of a 3-floor virtual chemical plant. As the ...

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G.E.L. – Game Editor for Learning and supporting material

The Game Editor for Learning The Game Editor for Learning (G.E.L.) is an extended version of Felgo’s Platformer with Level Editor specially designed for an educational strategy through which chemical engineering students create platform game levels collaboratively for learning. The experience is held in ...

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Network Wide Event 7: Bringing Charming to England

Following the Easter holidays, the CHARMING early stage researchers (ESRs) met for the biannual event that brings together the ESRs, supervisors and members from partner organisation. This time the meeting took part in the north east of England. Newcastle University ...

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