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Immersive Chemistry Podcast debuts its first episode

Our researchers Tim Gallagher and Jessica Dominguez, who are in charge of the project’s podcast channel ”Immersive Chemistry Podcast”, have now published the first audio episode after a challenging preparation period. They are planning to publish several podcasts from time to time about the Charming project, team members, and anything sound unusual as Charming ETN essentially does. We sincerely advise you to keep your ears open to catch up with Charming future!

Immersive Chemistry Podcast Episode #1: Introduction to the CHARMING project with Professor Tom Van Gerven


Can science & technology education be revolutionized with immersive technologies? Can this revolution be expanded to motivate and train children, students and employees in chemistry and chemical engineering? It may sound crazy but fortunately, the European Training Network for Chemical Engineering Immersive Learning, or CHARMING for short, is taking on these challenges by bringing together specialists from chemical engineering, educational sciences, game design, and technology. In this episode, Tom van Gerven joined us to introduce the CHARMING project and the partners involved. In addition to coordinating the project, Tom is a Professor at KU Leuven in the Process Engineering for Sustainable Systems Group.


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The audio podcast episode of the Immersive Chemistry Podcast is also available on Spotify, as well as all the other usual places.

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