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Immersive Chemistry Podcast #6

Immersive Chemistry Podcast Episode #6: Using Augmented Reality as a tool for helping students understand abstract concepts.


In this episode of the podcast we delve into the work of co-host Jessi, who is exploring the research question: Can Augmented Reality help students understand abstract concepts? Jessi shares details about an AR application which she recently published on the Google Playstore – Science On TV. Tim and

Tim and Jessi also discuss:

– The SAMR Model, a theoretical framework, which can be used to categories different degrees of educational technology integration.

– Nanome. A VR application which is being used by scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical developers www.nanome.ai

An AR application developed by Jessi “Science On TV” is available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Charming.ScienceTV


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The audio podcast episode of the Immersive Chemistry Podcast is also available on all the other usual places.

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