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SoApp Making is a conceptual AR application to demonstrate a practice on the development of educational applications for chemical engineering with computer graphics, engineering modeling & design tools.
The app provides a facile and agile methodology for low-cost hardware but content-wise rich AR software development. A case study is developed to teach chemical engineering concepts using a liquid-soap synthesis process.
From this version you can learn how to integrate digital assets in the Unity game engine through the following scenes:



• Basic soap and raw materials
• Stoichiometry and molecular visualization
• Scale-up mixing with computational fluid dynamics
• Operation of a continuous stirred-tank reactor with a process simulator

The app fundamentally serves as an example of the power of translating and integrating AR/VR with traditional engineering simulations for educational purposes. A complete project of the Unity game engine editor can be found at https://github.com/alfajess92/SoapMakingProject.
The app is developed by early-stage researchers of CHARMING European Training Network.
The AR marker can be found in the following link: https://ibb.co/N6yBJTv


Download on Google Play:


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