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CHARMING team had their final (hybrid) meeting

The CHARMING final meeting was a hybrid one, where 9 members joined physically at KU Leuven, and 16 members joined remotely. The WP leaders presented a summary of the results of their work packages, also including the status of each ESR’s milestone, PhD and publications. Prof. Pfeiffer led the discussion on dissemination and communication of Digital Artefacts. Prof. Van Gerven suggested new ideas for future collaboration of the consortium members and Prof. Cermak-Sassenrath led the session allocated for the preparation of CHARMING 2nd policy brief. The CHARMING team was actively involved in the discussions leading to a very fruitful final meeting. The day finished off with a session by PM Nasser presenting the status of the deliverables in detail, as well as giving an overview on the requirements till the end of the project and beyond, focusing on the final reporting preparations.

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