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G.E.L. – Game Editor for Learning and supporting material

The Game Editor for Learning

The Game Editor for Learning (G.E.L.) is an extended version of Felgo’s Platformer with Level Editor specially designed for an educational strategy through which chemical engineering students create platform game levels collaboratively for learning. The experience is held in an informal setting to encourage collaborative learning, creativity, and knowledge transfer.

The editor can be aligned with a curriculum-based engineering education if it is framed within a game-jam-inspired event, called CHEM Jam. During the event, chemical engineering students can project their expertise in industrial process design in the platform game levels. In the final part of the event, the levels are presented and constructive feedback is provided through a tailored assessment methodology. The team with the highest score in the assessment is declared the winner of the CHEM Jam,

Level Example

The video shows the winning level of the CHEM Jam held in 2021, which represents the different unit operations necessary to produce ammonia. Other level examples of that event can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojwADXpxMrU4Quu1tY5arQ.

Downloading the G.E.L.

You can download both the Windows and Apple versions of the G.E.L. for free at https://einus.itch.io/game-editor-for-learning by following the installation instructions. Other useful documentation, such as a tutorial or an assessment template, is also free to download.

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